A First Draft POS — Journey of a Short Story Series

A Quick Note

This started out as the Journey of a Short Story and was originally posted as a serialized version of what is below. …

Writing Apps and Recommendations for Editing

Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

Welcome to Part 5 of Journey of a Short Story. This mini-series is following the journey of my short story Beta Model from first draft to a publishable/revised piece. Along the way I’m documenting my editing process.

Part 1 was the first draft.
Part 2…

October 4th, 2021, the day EVERYONE had to find someplace other than Facebook to ‘mingle’.

It’s Dead — Finally

I find it a bit ironic after realizing that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are all down, that I wanted to hop on Facebook and LOL the shit out of it… But… I can’t. …

A. E. Engle

Author of the upcoming Darkness of the Northern Sky, writer, metalhead. http://darknessofthenorthernsky.com

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